C.R. Alsip Electric Guitar Strings - Bill Leverty Signature

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Medium Gauge .011-.050

Not only does Bill Leverty of Firehouse play our guitars, but he uses our strings too!  Bill tunes down a whole step from standard tuning and needed a little heavier string to accommodate the lower tuning without becoming "sloppy feeling", and still sound great.

Get the Best from Your Guitar!

We’d like to tell you that our strings are sprinkled with unicorn dust and ground up 4 leaf clover to give you the most extraordinary playability and breathtaking tone your ears have ever experienced, but that would be a tall tale. These are the next best thing and made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. We went to the company that makes our favorite strings and had them also make them for us.

Go ahead and try ‘em. We like them and think you’ll like them too!


  • Bill Leverty of Firehouse Signature Set!
  • Nickel roundwound electric guitar strings.
  • Perfect for lower tunings.
  • Gauges: .011, .015, .018, .026, .036, .050

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"I’ve taken these guitars all over the world and they always sound magnificent and play like a dream. They are crafted with world class workmanship. If you get the chance to play one of these, it’ll blow you away!"  - Bill Leverty of Firehouse


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