Relocate, Rebuild, and Relaunch


Only a few short months ago Jake Willoughby relocated C.R. Alsip Guitars to the small town of Dallas, GA,  just outside Atlanta.   It was time for a fresh start.  It took a few months to get the shop setup and running, but currently, there are 30 builds in process as I write this.   And I have pictures.


We're up and building guitars... lots of guitars.  Picking woods, ordering parts... cutting, gluing, sanding, shaping, sanding... did I mention sanding?  Yeah, lot's of sanding.  Soon we'll be fretting necks, painting, staining/finishing, assembling, installing electronics, stringing, and setting up the instruments.   And that's the "short version".   But, that's just part of it... a large part, no doubt.  Now, we must let everyone know about it.


If you're reading this, chances are you've already realized we have a new website.  I've been tirelessly working on this website for the past few weeks, and if I have my way with it, I'll never be done adding content for you all.   We've taken lots of pictures and videos which will eventually be added here and across social media.   As a long-time musician and guitarist, this is a total labor of love.  2019 is going to be our year.  Starting in January, we are advertising in Premier Guitar Magazine and we'll be attending NAMM, the premier music industry trade show, to showcase our new guitars and models.  And that's just the beginning.   We're currently planning tradeshow appearances around the country to get our guitars out to as many players as we can.  So, look for us.  And if you have any questions or suggestions of guitar festivals you'd like to see us at please drop us a message.

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