Patrons and Fans

We are fortunate to have many very talented musicians playing our guitars.

This page is to recognize and thank all of the hard-working musicians who do so! We’re a pretty small company and can’t afford to give guitars away for free. Some of these players have major endorsements with other companies but still buy our guitars. I guess we couldn’t ask for a better compliment. It means the world to us! So, check them out; visit their websites; buy their music; go see them in concert and support live music!

Bill Leverty


Bill is a long-time endorsee of Alsip Guitars.  We are honored to have a player of his caliber as a part of our family. Not only is Bill and original member in the band, “FireHouse”, but he also records his own original music.  You need to check that stuff out too if you’re a fan of virtuoso guitar-laden music!

Bill plays a custom DC neck-through model with Seymour Duncan Pickups and a Floyd Rose Tremolo.  Check out his band FireHouse or his original music here.

Allen McKenzie


People ask us all the time if we make basses.  We do, maybe not as often as we make guitars, but here’s the proof.  Allen is a great addition to FireHouse and we sure are glad to have him on our artist roster!

Allen plays a custom bass that is based on our DC neck-through model.  Check out the band FireHouse online or catch a live show to see Allen tearing it up on his Alsip bass guitar!

Phil Collen

Def Leppard

Phil is the lead guitarist in Def Leppard*, arguably one of rock music’s biggest rock bands of all time. Phil is a great player and a long-time friend of Alsip Guitars.  We are humbled that he plays our guitars even though he has his own signature line of guitars. They say, “variety is the spice of life”.  And we are thrilled that Phil digs our guitars enough to have a few.

Check out Def Leppard in concert if you get the chance.  You won’t be disappointed!

*Phil Collen/Def Leppard is not affiliated with this company for promotional purposes.

Scott Bartlett

Saving Abel

Scott shares guitar duties with Jason Null in the band Saving Abel.   Here’s what Scott thinks of the guitar we built for him: “I’ve been playing guitar for F#$%in’ ever. This guitar makes me rethink everything…and it’s now a part of the arsenal!” – Scott Bartlett

You can catch Scott playing a custom Tejas-T guitar with a hand-carved heart representing his charity.  Check out the band Saving Abel online or catch a live show!

Frank Hannon

Tesla, Frank Hannon Band

Frank is a long-time friend of Alsip Guitars.  We are honored to have him playing our guitars.   Not only is Frank an original member in the band, “Tesla”, but he also records music under his own name.   Frank is one of those guys that seems to know how to play any song you could think of.  He loves playing and is always looking to “sit-in” with a band after the show.   So, don’t be surprised if you catch him sitting in with a local band at a bar later that night after Tesla has rocked a show in your town!

Frank plays both our custom DC neck-through model and our Tejas series guitars with Seymour Duncan Pickups and a Floyd Rose Tremolo.  Check out his band Tesla or his solo project here.

Andy Pearce

Lindsey Kate Band

Andy shares guitar duties with Pooch Amy  in the Lindsey Kate band.  Here’s what Andy thinks of the guitar we built for him: “This guitar is amazing! I was a CR Alsip owner/believer before we built this guitar! I own the yellow T-Classic from the CR Alsip adds! Lindsey calls it “Winnie the Pooh”. In our band we have to cover a wide range of styles, from country, to blues, pop, funk, heavy rock, ballad standards, even (gasp) traditional country! We based the custom guitar on the feel of my “Winnie the Pooh” Alsip guitar, then took everything to eleven! We call it “we the people” or “M’erica” it’s a Tejas-T with Lollars, and a piezo system from It covers a range of sounds which used to take three guitars. Now I can do it all on one.” – Andy Joe Pearce You can catch Andy playing a custom Tejas-T guitar with a hand-carved American flag representing his country where his stuff is.  Check out the band online or catch a live show!

Thad Bonduris

Rodney Smith Band, Texas Guitarist-at-Large

Thad is lead guitarist for YouTube/iTunes Texas recording artist Rodney Smith, and has played in everything from a Dwight Yoakam tribute band in the DFW Metroplex, all the way down to San Antonio with The Mo-Dels. Throughout the years he has shared the stage with a number of pretty famous people.

“This is my first Alsip guitar, and I absolutely love it. Combination of the Gretch neck pick up with the powerful traditional Tele bridge pick up, are a fantastic combination, giving me far more tonal versatility than any of my other tele’s ever had. Also, width of the neck, just so happens to be perfect for my hand”.

Adam Stone

Le Gato and Et Cetera

Adam Stone is a Chattanooga, TN based multi-instrumentalist and composer. He is an adept player in just about any genre, but primarily focuses in Jazz and Progressive Rock. You can hear Adam playing around Chattanooga nearly every day of the week in various projects ranging from Jazz combos to Classic Country cover bands. Catch him regularly around the Southeast with his original Rock groups Le Gato, and Et Cetera.

Adam plays a Custom Tejas Model outfitted with Lollar pickups. Here is what Adam thinks about his custom C.R. Alsip build:

“I’ve played some of the biggest name brand guitars around, and nothing has compared to the quality and craftsmanship I’ve found in my C.R. Alsip. It is the most inspiring instrument I have ever owned, and you can feel the meticulous work that Jake puts in each of his builds”